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When Should You Complete Due Diligence

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What is due diligence? Due diligence is a vital part of the acquisition process. Before proceeding with an acquisition, an acquirer will want to have a clear understanding as to what it is that they are buying, what obligations they are assuming and what risks exist. The due diligence process is generally complex, time consuming… Read more »

Vendor Finance: What you need to know

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What is vendor financing? Vendor financing is when a seller partially funds part of the purchase price for the buyer of a business with the remainder payed after the business is transferred to the purchaser. A loan agreement is then agreed to and generally, the buyer will pay a commercial rate of interest (or higher) on… Read more »

How too much attention to detail can derail your deals (for both business buyers and sellers)

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Article by Stephen Groves – Director at Quinn M&A Attention to detail is great. As an accountant by trade, I appreciate how important detail can be. Be it, ensuring you understand the current status of your debtor and creditor ledgers, or making sure your employees are paid correctly. Through my experience as a transactional advisor… Read more »

Professional Service Firm Mergers Challenges

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Firm Merger Challenges Professional service firm mergers can create great opportunities for increased revenue, internal client referrals, and heightened geographical penetration. They are also filled with a range of challenges, including human resource issues, client retention and technology and system integration. Planning is crucial to the success of professional service mergers. We suggest that close… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Rush to the Market When Selling Your Business

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Downfalls when rushing to the market Often, during discussions with potential divestment clients, we are asked “how quickly can you take my business to the market?” Or, “Can you start approaching prospective acquirers straight away?” When potential divestment clients begin their discussions with us, they have normally made a firm decision that they would like… Read more »

3 Reasons Your Business Sale May Fall Over During Due Diligence (And What You Can Do to Avoid It)

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Why your business sale may fall over during due diligence Too often, business sellers come unstuck during buyer due diligence. Unfortunately, many deals fall over at this point in the process. When this happens, business sellers don’t only suffer from lost opportunity, but also wasted time and money. Here are 3 reasons your business sale… Read more »

Building a List of Strategic Acquisition or Merger Targets

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How to Build a list Potential strategic acquisition or merger targets are companies that you identify which present potential opportunities to either acquire or merge with. Normally these companies are identified on the basis that they could present a range of strategic benefits to your business, including but not limited to access to new geographical… Read more »