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Valuing Minority Shareholdings in Private Companies: Challenges and Complexities

. Category: Selling, Valuations.

Challenges and Complexities when Valuing Minority Shareholdings in Private Companies Minority or non-controlling shareholdings in private companies often need to be valued for taxation matters, family law disputes and commercial disputes. Quite often, minority interests are held by shareholders in professional practices, senior managers in private companies and by children or other relations of the… Read more »

Medium Size Tech Company Valuations

. Category: Buying, Due Dilligence, Selling, Valuations.

The emergence of innovative technologies has seen entrepreneurs enter the tech industry at levels unprecedented since the dotcom boom.  Optimism has been derived from the success of small ideas such as Snapchat Inc, Facebook Inc, Xero Limited and many more transforming simple communication or the mundane repetitive jobs that had barely changed for decades to… Read more »

Business Acquisition and Divestment Negotiation

. Category: Buying, Due Dilligence, Selling.

When negotiating the divestment or acquisition of a business, if done well, all parties involved should reap the rewards and leave with long term benefits. The types of negotiators you will encounter when negotiating a business sale or purchase will vary significantly from deal to deal, making it necessary for a good negotiator to be… Read more »

Ensuring a Smooth Business Sale Transaction

. Category: Selling.

Selling a business can be a turbulent period for everyone involved. To help make the process as smooth as possible, here are a few fundamental tips that will assist. Quality and In Depth Records Having in depth and extended financial records is crucial. The more in depth these records are, the greater the opportunity there… Read more »

Key Cost Benefits of a Merger

. Category: Buying, Selling.

Merging businesses can provide a multitude of benefits to the firms involved and their customers. Cost synergies are generally the most easily and accurately quantifiable, and should be actively identified by companies looking to merge with and take over another business . Below is a simplified version of horizontal and vertical business mergers and the… Read more »

Confronting Your Emotions When Selling Your Business

. Category: Selling.

Confront your emotions For many business owners, the greatest challenge of selling their business is confronting their emotions. It’s not surprising that given the passion inherent in the make-up of most successful entrepreneurs, the sale of their business can result in emotional distress and turmoil. Unfortunately however, selling your business is a process that can… Read more »

Selling a Road Transport Business: What you need to know

. Category: Selling.

Unique road transport industry The road transport industry dominates the Australian freight market, providing services to businesses spanning the entire economy. In many ways, the success of the road transport industry is indicative of the success of the entire Australian economy, as businesses tend to hold lower stock holdings during periods of economic uncertainty or… Read more »

Differentiating M&A Advisors and Business Brokers?

. Category: Buying, Selling.

How is Quinn M&A different? As expert M&A Advisors specialising in selling businesses worth between $1 million and $50 million, we’re often asked how we differ from Business Brokers. In many cases, Business Brokers and M&A Advisors are seeking the same result for their clients; the successful sale of a business. The differing approaches and skill sets of Business Brokers… Read more »

Building Competitive Tension When Selling Your Business

. Category: Selling.

Increased Competition In the business world, everyone knows that increased competition alters the status quo in the marketplace. When more competition enters a market for goods or services, consumers generally get better outcomes in the form of lower price, quicker service or better quality products. In the market for businesses, competition can also dramatically alter… Read more »