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Valuing Minority Shareholdings in Private Companies: Challenges and Complexities

. Category: Selling, Valuations.

Challenges and Complexities when Valuing Minority Shareholdings in Private Companies Minority or non-controlling shareholdings in private companies often need to be valued for taxation matters, family law disputes and commercial disputes. Quite often, minority interests are held by shareholders in professional practices, senior managers in private companies and by children or other relations of the… Read more »

Medium Size Tech Company Valuations

. Category: Buying, Due Dilligence, Selling, Valuations.

The emergence of innovative technologies has seen entrepreneurs enter the tech industry at levels unprecedented since the dotcom boom.  Optimism has been derived from the success of small ideas such as Snapchat Inc, Facebook Inc, Xero Limited and many more transforming simple communication or the mundane repetitive jobs that had barely changed for decades to… Read more »

The Impact of Real Property Leases on a Business’ Value

. Category: Valuations.

Property leases raising concern Business arrangements concerning leases for real property will generally have a major impact on the risk profile of a business. Key items that should be reviewed as part of a valuation are discussed below. Length of Lease The timeframe remaining on a lease can have a major impact on the value of… Read more »

Goodwill Explained

. Category: Valuations.

What is Goodwill? Goodwill is an intangible asset – that is, not a physical asset. Goodwill is normally best represented as the portion of a business sales price not attributable to the value of physical assets acquired. Most simply: Goodwill = Business Sale Price – Value of Physical Assets Why do acquirers pay for goodwill? Business acquirers… Read more »

Selling a part of your Business

. Category: Selling, Valuations.

What is divestiture? Whether you are deciding to exit from your business or looking to focus on your core operations, selling part of your business can be a successful way to increase your liquidity and leave your company better off. This process of selling off a portion of your business is known as divestiture, and… Read more »

Measures of Earnings for a Business: An Explanatory Guide

. Category: Buying, Valuations.

What is a valuation? At its simplest level, the valuation of a business is the value of the future cash flows the business can generate. For most small to medium sized businesses, it is generally assumed that ‘past financial performance (or earnings) are an indicator of future financial performance (or earnings)’. In consideration of this,… Read more »

5 Ways to Manage Unsolicited Approaches from Business Buyers

. Category: Selling, Valuations.

Managing unsolicited approaches The story often goes like this: a business owner with no intention of selling their business in the foreseeable future gets approached by a competitor who is interested in acquiring their business. If you’re prepared, the process from here becomes straight forward. If you’re not prepared, the next steps could hamper your… Read more »